Server Name: [Crackhouse - 24/7 - Deathmatch]

Server IP:

Port: 27045

About this server:

The server is a 24 / 7 Crackhouse server (No other maps), we encourage social interaction, chet have fun and enjoy yourself and get to know other players.

Features may be added and removed over time.

Any concerns please speak with an admin.

See below for Server Rules.

Server Name: Rebuilding Civilisation

Server IP:

Port: 2602

Click to Downnload The Map

Server Name: ARK Lovers

Server IP:

Port: 21000

ARK Additional Rules

PvE Only - Accept agreed battles

Server Name: VoiceComms

Server IP:

Port: 9247

General Rules - All Servers

No Hacking - No Racism - No Discrimination - No Bullying - No Swearing

No Advertising

No Recruiting for other clans